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Created in 1985 by Wayne Gerard Trotman, Red Moon is dedicated to the production of film, music, photography, art, design & writing to move you.

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The Psychic Wars

Thought is more dangerous than you think.

Present-day Earth: Schoolteacher ROMAN DOYLE, 25, is married and his wife is pregnant. He remains unaware he is PRINCE ARMON SAKARA, heir of the EMPEROR of a distant galaxy. That is, until he encounters CHI-RO JIN, a veteran of the Psychic Wars.

Chi-Ro’s mission is to return Roman to the Emperor. And so, with his dormant psychic and astral abilities awakened by an alien drug, Roman journeys to the distant galaxy known as The Cosmic Sea, where he joins the Second Psychic War: An interstellar battle between the forces of his father, the Emperor, and those of his uncle, the BARON.

Torn between his princely responsibilities and those to his wife and unborn child, Roman discovers a shocking alien plot that threatens to exterminate the human race.

Current News:

Welcome to Red Moon 4.0

Our new improved MONSTER website.

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our new web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look at the recent changes box first.

Recent Changes:

Mortal Map

The New Album 'Mortal Map' is now available as a Digital Download from all major online distributors.


Red Bubble

A new addition to the official Red Moon site is the inclusion of commercial art and photography. Browse Red Moon's library of  premium photographs available for purchase or license.


Veterans of the Psychic Wars

Another new addition to the official Red Moon site is a books section. Find out more about Veterans of the Psychic Wars, Wayne Gerard Trotman's epic science fiction novel.


Red Moon



Red Moon Productions Ltd has produced award-winning films and videos, including Ashes to Ashes, one of the world's first digital movies and Britain's first martial arts movie.

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Red Moon Productions Ltd has produced over 100 pieces of unique and distinctive instrumental music. Including music for film and television.

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Red Moon Productions Ltd has produced hundreds of award-winning commercial photographic images and artwork.

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Red Moon Productions Ltd has produced film scripts and a novel entitled Veterans of the Psychic Wars. The epic novel, the first of a proposed trilogy, is available now.

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